Guys Experience Periods For The First Time

    "Mmm, someone's PMSing. How'd ya like that? How'd ya like that?"

    Any woman knows that having your period is a total pain in the ass. And while some men empathize, it's hard for them to totally ~get it~. So, although we couldn't actually re-create a period, we sure did try:

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    Our three volunteers were less than pleased with the pads they would have to wear for the week...

    ...but the ladies in the office didn't have much sympathy for the dudes' struggles.

    Our special ~period recipe~ consisted of period-like formula...

    ...and a makeshift period simulator...

    ...which resulted in a semiiiii constant drip.

    At first, the dudes found camaraderie in their joint struggle.

    But as the week wore on, they started to feel really frustrated and insecure about the fact that they could have an accident at any moment.

    Edgar seemed to be struggling the most out of the three guys, and he lost three pairs of pants to Aunt Flo.

    Though it really wasn't a walk in the park for any of the guys.

    Overall, despite it being a messy lesson, it was a useful one.

    And the guys definitely wouldn't be making any period jokes after this week.