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11 Bands That Will Make You Take A Break From Your Radio

Pop music can be great. And after a long day at work, who doesn't like unashamedly singing (or in my case just yelling) along with Miley Cyrus? But sometimes bands like these just hit the spot.

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1. Halestorm

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Think Halestorm is named because their music pelts you like small balls of ice? Nope! Lead singer Lzzy Hale brings it . . . and I have quite the thing for girls who forget vowels. In any case, gobble this band up before cheap, weight-conscious alcoholics across the country become "fans" - a Halestorm song was recently featured in a Bud Light commerical.

2. The Downtown Fiction

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MAYBE you've heard there most popular song "I Just Wanna Run." Well if it didn't make you want to run (pun very much intended) to more of their songs, then I can't help you. I would suggest checking out their Pineapple-EP because . . . well . . . why wouldn't you give a band who names their album after fruit a chance?

3. The Front Bottoms

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Need a little levity in your day? Then try out this band whose lead song on their new album is all about the pretentiousness of a heartbroken boy and his use of the French language.

4. Marianas Trench

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With lyrics as deep as what they have named themselves after (ok, maybe not THAT deep) Marianas Trench is a definite must-listen. "Cross My Heart" may remind you of another Fall Out Boy wannabe, but give some of their other songs a listen (like the one above!)

5. MS MR

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Maybe I'm a sucker for bands with female lead singers . . . ok, I'm a sucker for bands with female lead singers. ITunes says that "a seductively erotic charge courses through" their album. I don't know what that means, but Lizzy Plapinger definitely sounds hot . . . too bad she stuck that unnecessary "i" in her first name. And as a bonus for you music-loving fantasy nerds, "Bones" was a featured song on the Season 3 trailer for Game of Thrones (which I totally knew before I YouTubed the song . . . )

6. New Politics

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A pop-punk band with a little bit of alternative thrown in for a good hipster mix, New Politics is fun band that's definitely worth checking out.

7. The Punchline

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These guys are no joke (I seriously crack myself up). After a little 6-year vay-kay, The Punchline came back with their 2012 EP "So Nice to Meet You." It rose to number 8 on the iTunes top sellers but that wasn't good enough for bassist Chris Fafalios, who swore he would leave the band if the EP didn't hit #1. Geez, I hope they can find someone else who can play bass.

8. The Story So Far

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If you like things a little harder (insert joke here), then The Story So Far might be your cup of tea . . . or rather cup of Monster energy drink. I'm not a huge fan of anything heavy so excuuuuuuse me if you're a metal head who takes it personally that I call this "a little harder" but hey, you're probably too busy trying to fit into your 2-size-too-small Affliction shirt to do anything about it anyway.

9. The Wonder Years

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Their newest album can be seen as an hommage to their lead singer's war to beat depression. So, ya, try to talk bad about them now.

10. Youngblood Hawke

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A bit calmer and much more of at least what I think of when I think "alternative," Youngblood Hawke is good ol' home cookin' . . . and music I guess.

11. Arctic Monkeys

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1. They are British

2. They are called the frickin' Arctic Monkeys

Enough said

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