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10 Valentine's Day Gifts You Should Avoid

Here we are! It is almost February the 14th, the date feared by so many (especially men). We all know that it is tradition to offer a gift to your beloved but we also know that every year we face the same lack of inspiration in finding a good gift!! This article is not here to help you find the perfect gift, but to be sure you don't get the worst one!! And in the case you coward think Valentine's Day is a good day to break up with your beloved one, some ideas from this list may save you the trouble of a long speech.

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1. A copy of "How to poo on a date"

It has always been a taboo subject so why should you approach this on Valentine's Day??(On sale on for £6.99, just to let you to know) / Via

It has always been a taboo subject so why should you approach this on Valentine's Day??

(On sale on for £6.99, just to let you to know)

2. A suitcase

It would probably be misinterpreted and it would put you in a complicated situation.

Or, if it is intentional be franc and put her stuff in it.

3. A original personalized gift

No comment...

4. A collection of house cleaning products

Even if you think you've understood what was her real passion, not sure she will enjoy it....

5. A profile already configured

Weird but totally clear if the purpose is to break up.

6. 2 tickets for a football game

"Oh you don't like football ....? Fortunately, my best friend does... So don't worry it is not a wasted gift"

7. A scale

A good way to make her understand that you lied to her: yes she did gaine weight and no you don't think that it's cute.

Anyway, that is not a good idea!

8. A pig's head

Apart from the fact that the video of her face opening this gift will probably make thousands of views on Youtube, this is a not a recommended gift.

9. SAW movies, the entire saga

A movie, why not! But choose carefully what kind of movie. And, SAW is absolutely not a good idea. (Unless you are a psychopath couple)

10. Nothing

Come one...! Not even one flower?

No, no, just nothing.

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