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    Zara Released An "Ungendered" Clothing Line And People Are Pissed

    Close but no cigar.

    Today, Zara released its first collection specifically focusing on androgynous style, appropriately called Ungendered.

    Sold on, the promotional images for the collection feature both male and female models showcasing the same clothing.

    It's a small collection (with less than 10 pieces total) and each one costs less than $50.

    Shortly after the collection was announced, people took to Twitter to express their frustration with the "Ungendered" clothing.

    They pointed out why the clothing is problematic at best.

    Quite frankly, they're pissed that "Ungendered" is actually so normative.

    They think it's just male coded loungewear.

    And this guy just spat fire about it:

    Of course, some people were happy that the clothing line is at least a step in the right direction toward mass nonbinary acceptance.

    Others are simply proud.

    And while it's a step toward acceptance, this girl's got a point.

    What are your thoughts on the "Ungendered" clothing line? Tell us in the comments below!