Zara Released An “Ungendered” Clothing Line And People Are Pissed

Close but no cigar.

1. Today, Zara released its first collection specifically focusing on androgynous style, appropriately called Ungendered.

Zara / Via

Unisex Sweatshirt, $25.90.

2. Sold on, the promotional images for the collection feature both male and female models showcasing the same clothing.

Zara / Via

Unisex Jeans, $49.90.

3. It’s a small collection (with less than 10 pieces total) and each one costs less than $50.

Zara / Via

Unisex Top, $19.90.

4. Shortly after the collection was announced, people took to Twitter to express their frustration with the “Ungendered” clothing.

@tywrent / Via Twitter: @tywrent

5. They pointed out why the clothing is problematic at best.

@concretegravity / Via Twitter: @concretegravity

6. Quite frankly, they’re pissed that “Ungendered” is actually so normative.

@la_rain / Via Twitter: @La__Rain

7. They think it’s just male coded loungewear.

@magicalgirl / Via Twitter: @magicaIgirI

8. And this guy just spat fire about it:

@begeem / Via Twitter: @begeem

9. Of course, some people were happy that the clothing line is at least a step in the right direction toward mass nonbinary acceptance.

@nemzilla / Via Twitter: @nemzilla

10. Others are simply proud.

@rachelhopkins_ / Via Twitter: @rachelhopkins_

11. And while it’s a step toward acceptance, this girl’s got a point.

12. What are your thoughts on the “Ungendered” clothing line? Tell us in the comments below!

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