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9 Insane Things Your Vagina Absolutely Doesn't Need

Why is labiaplasty a thing?

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Anyone with a vagina has probably heard the ruckus that is all of the brands and doctors who sell products and procedures meant to "enhance" your cooter. We're here to say that your clam needs NONE of that commercialism.

Sure, if you've got a medical condition and your doctor recommends a procedure to live a healthier life, some of these things aren't harmful. But you should never feel pressured into achieving societal expectations of an "ideal vagina" — because there is no such thing.


6. You don't need to use special pH wash on your vagina to get rid of odors.

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Again, your vagina works like a self-cleaning oven. If you're concerned about odor or sensitivity, talk to your gynecologist about the best way to proceed.