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9 Insane Things Your Vagina Absolutely Doesn't Need

Why is labiaplasty a thing?

There are no two ways around it: Vaginas are INCREDIBLE.

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No one on this planet would be alive without them. They literally bring forth LIFE.

And no matter what, if you have a vagina, it is perfect JUST the way it is.

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No two vaginas are alike! And they're all fucking awesome!

Anyone with a vagina has probably heard the ruckus that is all of the brands and doctors who sell products and procedures meant to "enhance" your cooter. We're here to say that your clam needs NONE of that commercialism.

Sure, if you've got a medical condition and your doctor recommends a procedure to live a healthier life, some of these things aren't harmful. But you should never feel pressured into achieving societal expectations of an "ideal vagina" — because there is no such thing.

1. You don't need to use My New Pink Button, a genital cosmetic colorant that DYES YOUR GENITALS pink.

You can read more about it (including the over-the-top Amazon reviews) here.

2. You don't need ThermiVa, a temperature-controlled radio frequency treatment that can strengthen your vagina "with no downtime."

3. You don't need to get your vagina steamed, even though Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it.

Seriously. It's potentially harmful. Your vagina cleans itself.

4. You don't need to buy these Kegel exercise balls.

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FYI, you can do Kegel exercises without buying a product to do so and here's how.

5. You don't need a clitoral hood reduction, aka clitoropexy.

You can read more about it here.

6. You don't need to use special pH wash on your vagina to get rid of odors.

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Again, your vagina works like a self-cleaning oven. If you're concerned about odor or sensitivity, talk to your gynecologist about the best way to proceed.

7. You don't need the Femilift Laser, which is a treatment that "offers a solution for vaginal dryness, loosening, incontinence," and what the site refers to as "CANYON VAGINA."

You can read more about it here.

8. You do not need any liposculpturing (IS THIS EVEN A REAL WORD??????) of your labia, laser vaginal rejuvenation, or a labiaplasty reduction treatment.

You can read more about them here.

9. And you certainly do not need to enter your lady parts in a vaginal beauty contest.

Funded by this ridiculous company.

You know what would be awesome for your vagina? Acceptance.

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