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You Can Now Get The Best Sephora Products For $10 A Month

Straight to your doorstep.

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There is a heaven on earth, and its name is Sephora.

You walk in the store and you're like, "Hi, hello there, new friends, want to come over and play at my house?"

But then you remember you're broke and you already spent $184 at Sephora last week.

Take heart, broke beauty addicts (and literally anyone who loves makeup)! For there is hope, and hope is called the new Sephora Play! subscription box.

For $10 a month, you can have a box of Sephora's best products shipped to your house.

They'll be sample sizes, of course, but STILL.

Each month's box will have a theme.

It could be skin care! Or cosmetics! Or hair! Or fragrance!

And according to WWD, the first box will launch in September.

And the first brands included in the box will be Bumble and Bumble, Marc Jacobs, Glamglow, Ole Henriksen, and Sephora's name brand.

Play! by Sephora boxes will roll out to Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati in September.

And the brand has plans to expand to more locations in 2016.

Praise be to the Sephora gods! Our deliveries from Sephora have been justified!