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    Here's What 19 Painfully Handsome Male Models Look Like Without Makeup

    Read this with a glass of water because you're about to be thirsty.

    1. Prathamesh Maulingkar

    @pratham_14 / Via

    A pro footballer and model because LOOK AT THAT SMIZE.

    2. Broderick Hunter

    @broderickhunter / Via

    He's 24 and will make your loins feel things 24/7.

    3. Godfrey Gao

    @Godfreygao / Via

    A well traveled model with a mustache that could kill.

    4. Justin Baldoni

    @justinbaldoni / Via

    He's also an actor on Jane the Virgin, but IRL Justin Baldoni is a v. handsome husband and dad. (That's his wife's pregnant belly.)

    5. Scott Neslage

    @scottneslage / Via

    Who wouldn't want to wake up to this face?

    6. Rael Costa

    @raelcosta1 / Via

    Hi guys, found a Brazilian model with the most enchanting eyes in all the land.

    7. Mantas Armalis

    @mantasarmalis / Via

    This gentleman is a model/hockey player. Makes sense.

    8. Benny Paulino

    @paulinobenny / Via

    Follow him on Insta for a whole lot of gymspo.

    9. Miles McMillan

    @milesmcmillan / Via

    Reason #1 to love him: His face.

    Reason #2 to love him: His boyfriend, Zachary Quinto.

    10. Rob Evans

    @robjamesevans / Via

    Rob Evans is a model, boxer, personal trainer, and former judge on America's Next Top Model. TBH, very interested in a personal training session with him.

    11. Jordan and Zac Stenmark

    @jordanandzac / Via

    They are Australian. Twin. Models. *drools*

    12. Kim Freire

    @kimfreire / Via

    He's so expressive and I'm so in love.

    13. Ronald Epps

    @ronald_epps / Via

    Ronald's a model, pro basketball player, singer, actor, husband, father, dreamboat, etc.

    14. Garrett Neff

    @Gwneff / Via

    Two words: Calvin Klein.

    15. Nitin Chauhan

    @nitin688 / Via

    He's a model and actor based in Mumbai. HAI.

    16. Marlon Teixeira

    @marlontx / Via

    My ovaries just exploded.

    17. Corey Baptiste

    @the_real_coreybaptiste / Via

    This guy's got fashion campaigns on campaigns.

    18. Thiago Santos

    @thiagosantosairboy / Via

    Thiago is a Brazilian model whose face will inspire you to sing Adele songs until 4 a.m.

    19. Lucky Blue Smith

    @luckybsmith / Via Instagram: @luckybsmith

    Literally dead.



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