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    Here's What 19 Painfully Handsome Male Models Look Like Without Makeup

    Read this with a glass of water because you're about to be thirsty.

    1. Prathamesh Maulingkar

    2. Broderick Hunter

    3. Godfrey Gao

    4. Justin Baldoni

    5. Scott Neslage

    6. Rael Costa

    7. Mantas Armalis

    8. Benny Paulino

    9. Miles McMillan

    10. Rob Evans

    11. Jordan and Zac Stenmark

    12. Kim Freire

    13. Ronald Epps

    14. Garrett Neff

    15. Nitin Chauhan

    16. Marlon Teixeira

    17. Corey Baptiste

    18. Thiago Santos

    19. Lucky Blue Smith


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