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    Here's WTF It Means To Stipple Your Face

    Free the stipple.

    So if you've seen a chart of makeup brushes, you've possibly said to yourself, "WTF is stippling?"

    This is what a stippling brush looks like.

    It has finer fibers near the top of the brush.

    When used properly, the finer fibers give you light, ~airbrushed~ coverage with liquid or cream foundation.

    And it doesn't matter which brand of foundation you use.

    Here's what to do: Squeeze some foundation onto the back of your hand and gently tap the brush into the liquid.

    With the same light tapping motion, stipple the foundation over your entire face.

    Then, instead of aggressively mashing the foundation onto your face with the brush...

    ...gently swirl the brush in small circles all around your face so that only the white bristles are moving.

    Here's the difference:

    Gentle, swirling motions work best. You can watch this entire tutorial from Wayne Goss here.

    The results are pretty freaking amazing.

    Bonus: Applying foundation with a stippling brush (instead of your fingers) will help the makeup last longer.

    Try out the technique with these cult favorite brushes.

    Get the e.l.f. Stipple Brush here for $3 or the MAC Stippling Brush #187 here for $42.

    Happy stippling!