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    If You Can Braid Pigtails, You Can Do This Cool Hairstyle On Yourself

    Just grab some bobby pins.

    Truth bomb: Post-workout hair usually looks messy AF. So we asked some ~fit~ dudes to try out gym-proof hairstyles to see what would actually work when we got out of the locker room.

    Pretend this is you. You just got out of the shower at the gym and your hair is wilding out.

    Remain calm. It's all going to be OK. Part your hair directly down the middle so you have two sections of hair.

    Now use hair ties to make two pigtails from those sections.

    You're killing it so far. Now, split the left pigtail into three sections and start braiding.

    Finish the braid about one inch from the ends of your hair and secure it with a hair tie.

    Now do the same braid on the right side.

    This next part looks tricky but you got this. Lift the right braid up and across to the left side of your head so it lays flat. Put a bobby pin in it just above the left pigtail.

    So your hair should look like this:

    Do the exact same thing on the left side, putting a bobby pin in just above the right pigtail.

    At this point, your hair should look like this:

    You're almost there! Take the piece hanging down on the right side and tuck it underneath the already-pinned braids. Pin this piece up.

    And do the same exact thing on the left side.

    If any pieces of the braids feel a little loose, use a few more bobby pins to hold them in place.


    Enjoy all the compliments from your friends who think you have mad hair ~skillz~.

    Hair: Jeff Chastain
    Model: Alexander Dominguez, Red Model Management

    Special thanks to CrossFit BRICK for providing a workout space.