Women Are Doing Tropical Eye Makeup And It's Mesmerizing

    They'll also make you want to take a vacation ASAP.

    There's no denying that smokey eyes are gorgeous.

    But tropical eye makeup is basically using eyeshadow to make a damn masterpiece.

    Bright, pigmented colors get blended into this stunning explosion of makeup.

    And the results are MESMERIZING.

    Please note: Tropical eyes pair well with lipstick, if that's what you're into.

    Or you can just full-on make your eyes some abstract peacock artwork.

    Make 'em dark for a dramatic look...

    Or play around with lighter shades for that true ~tropical~ feel.

    Blend pinks and oranges and yellows...

    ...or greens and blues and purples.

    Throw on a set of false lashes...

    ...or let the eyeshadow be the focal point of your face.

    In sum: DAMN.