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    Try These Topsy Pigtails The Next Time You Hit The Gym

    Even the laziest person can do this.

    Truth bomb: Post-workout hair usually looks messy AF. So we asked some ~fit~ dudes to try out gym-proof hairstyles to see what would actually work when we got out of the locker room.

    Start by parting your hair down the center to make two sections of hair.

    Secure each section with a hair tie, making two pigtails.

    So it should look like this:

    Starting on the right side, create a large hole in the hair above the elastic. Pull the hair apart a bit to make the hole bigger.

    Now take the ends of the hair and flip it over and through the hole, pulling it down once it's fully through.

    All you're doing is making a topsy tail.

    Pull the ends of the hair away from each other and up toward your head to tighten the topsy tail. Do the same exact process on the left side for two topsy pigtails.

    Fluff up the pigtails a bit with texturizing spray and a comb.

    YAAASS, topsy pigtails!

    Hair: Jeff Chastain
    Model: Alexander Dominguez, Red Model Management

    Alexander Dominguez is wearing a shirt provided by Adidas.

    Special thanks to CrossFit BRICK for providing a workout space.