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Tina Fey's Tuxedo Was The Best Piece Of Clothing At The Golden Globes

She's a well tailored Tina.

Tina Fey showed up to the red carpet at the 2015 Golden Globes wearing this strapless black and white dress.

Then, Tina stepped on stage to host her third (and final) Globes with her BFF, Amy Poehler, wearing another strapless black and white dress.

And then she came on stage in her third outfit, and the world went nuts. May she ever be known as Tina "The Tuxedo" Fey.

People immediately identified with the tux.

My gender identity is Tina Fey in a rumpled, glittering tuxedo. #GoldenGlobes

People wanted to be Tina in a tux, and be with Tina in a tux.

Tina Fey in that tuxedo can Get It. #GoldenGlobes

They couldn't deny that Tina was winning.

Tina Fey's tuxedo is what they used to call #winning

Everyone knew she could wear a tux better than the boys.

Sorry, Paul Rudd and Adam Levine, but #TinaFey rocked that tuxedo best!

In fact, they were supporting all women wearing tuxedos.

Love a tuxedo on a woman. Well done Tina Fey. #GoldebGlobes

No one could stop talking about how good that sparkly tux looked.

Can we talk about how good #TinaFey looks in a tuxedo pants suit #sequenceeverything #GlodenGlobes

And they even said she redeemed herself with the fashion world.

Tina fey you have redeemed your fashion cred with this amazing casual tuxedo look. I love it!!! #GoldenGlobes #fashion #TheStyleGuys

No one could get over Tina in a tux.

Watching the #GoldenGlobes on delay and DAMN Tina Fey looks hot in a tuxedo. Am I right, @IndyVintage? #YesIAm

And we couldn't get over it, either. Long live Tina "The Tuxedo" Fey.