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Here's An Insanely Genius Hack For People Who Constantly Shrink Clothes

All you need is hair conditioner.

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So, you're doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon and everything is going swell. / Via

You've sorted out your whites and darks, you put the cute little detergent pod into the machine, and you're reading the new Jonathan Franzen novel while you wait.

Until you take out your sweater and it's shrunk so badly that it now perfectly fits your dog.

Don't panic! Here's what to do: Fill your bathroom sink with cold water and add about 1/3 cup of hair conditioner.

Howcast / Via

The conditioner loosens up the fibers in the sweater, which allows it to get back to the original size.


Drape the sweater over a drying rack and wait for it to air dry.

Howcast / Via

If you want to ~un-shrink~ it even more, you can gently stretch each section of the sweater before laying it over a drying rack. For more info, watch Howcast's entire tutorial here.

Added bonus: If you see a piece of clothing at a thrift shop and it turns out to be too small, you may be able to ~un-shrink~ it to fit you!

Just make sure you try this on knits (like t-shirts and sweaters), not woven materials (like button down shirts). Woven clothes have tighter fibers, which means they won't give slack as easily as knits.

Here's to sweater weather, y'all!

...with sweaters that actually fit.