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This Viral Video Of A Woman "Removing Her Face" Proves How Transformative Makeup Is

Now you see her, now you see her face.

This YouTube video called "How to Remove Your Face" has gone viral, pulling in over 6 million views since it was posted in May 2015.

The video begins with the woman wearing a full face of makeup.

A casual smoky eye. Nothing to see here, folks.

Next, she opens up a bottle of makeup remover and pours some onto a cotton pad.

Much like many women do at night when they're removing their makeup.

She then begins removing the eye makeup on one side of her face.

OK, OK, still pretty normal...

Once her eye makeup is gone, she moves up to her eyebrows and forehead.

Because she's a full-coverage foundation kind of lady.

Things really start to heat up as she continues removing the entire left side of her face.

We're getting a glimpse of the natural face now!

Then BAM! She reveals her half-naked face and looks like an entirely changed person.

Her eyebrow is unpronounced, her eye appears considerably smaller, and her skin is a darker shade without foundation on top.

Even she's laughing at how insanely different this looks!

Because it is! Makeup gives you the ability to CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE GODDAMN FACE.

If this doesn't prove that makeup is fucking magical, I don't know what will.

Oh, and the caption of the video? "What makes a woman." WHAT A WOMAN, INDEED.

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Watch the entire video here.