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Everyone Has Lost Their Damn Minds Over This Ice Skating T-Rex

Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

This tyrannosaurus rex is the face of TrexTuesdays, a Facebook page that releases videos each week featuring people wearing giant t-rex costumes and going on everyday adventures.

This week, the page posted a video of the giant t-rex ice skating. It's gone viral, with over 55 million views in just two days!

Facebook: video.php

Though they prefer to remain anonymous, the duo behind TrexTuesdays told BuzzFeed Life, "We thought it would be funny to see the T-rex’s first encounter with ice, since he missed the ice age by over 60 million years."

*I will now pause so that you can watch the video, preferably with the sound turned on because that is the best way to experience this phenomenon.*

Like all of us who aren't Michelle Kwan, the dino had some trouble finding its ice legs.

But with a little practice...

And a few falls...

Jumps were mastered!

And this tyrannosaurus rex learned how to spin its heart out!

The video has been shared almost 950,000 times in just three days and the internet is going insane over it.

People have been commenting about how much of an impact one little dinosaur has had on their lives, like this woman, who really needed a pick-me-up:

This girl made the t-rex one of her top priorities.

This commenter dropped a truth bomb on us all:

And this person pointed out the fact that this video is the IRL version of Reptar On Ice from Rugrats.

For reference:

TrexTuesdays puts out videos every Tuesday, like this one of the t-rex shopping at the grocery store.

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with their videos. Happy T-rexing, everyone!