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    These Rainbow-Colored Wigs Prove That Unnatural Hair Is Beautiful

    Dye hard.

    Darnell Wold is an insanely talented wig stylist who makes the most majestic wigs you've ever seen.

    Like this bizarrely beautiful teal-to-purple ombré wig.

    And this irrationally gorgeous piece that is the hair version of a sunset.

    This purple, teal, and silver style is making us drool.

    Blue lipstick is made for blue hair, naturally.

    And this lime-green lace front would make anyone weak in the knees.

    What's that? You want a flower crown with some mermaid hair? You got it.

    Or maybe this curly black-and-teal look is more your style.

    BRB, panting over these ~lavender locks~.

    And this silver ombre! Gah!

    Oh, and Wold's wigs aren't just for ladies.

    Just. Too. Pretty.

    This lilac wig is gorgeous.

    And these silver curls make us want to get down on one knee and propose.

    You can follow Wold's creations on Instagram at @hairhegoes.