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There's A New Naked Palette Called "Smoky" And People Are Freaking Out

Can I put my name on the waiting list now?

Introducing the newest Naked palette: Smoky.

The eyeshadow colors are specifically designed to create the perfect smoky eye.

For comparison, here's how the Naked Smoky stacks up against the Naked 3 palette.

The 12 shades range from an off-white matte powder to a deep, shimmering black.

Shades from left to right: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger, Blackmarket, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen.

The Smoky palette costs $54 and will be available in stores and at on July 8 in limited quantities.

Me waiting for the @UrbanDecay #NakedSmoky palette to come out... #beauty #beautyproducts #UrbanDecay #sephora

Because of the severe thirst for the palette (and the monthlong wait) people are freaking out on social media.

Me when I saw the @UrbanDecay #NakedSmoky ad... #beauty #beautyproducts #urbandecay #sephora

It was announced on Snapchat and people lost their shit.

What!!?!?!?! I must have it, you and I belong together 😍 #itsmust #INeedYou #havetohaveit #NakedSmoky

Memes were created.

Even people who don't wear eyeshadow want the palette.

Cannot wait to get my hands on @UrbanDecay new naked palette. Even though I never wear eyeshadow #NakedSmoky

Take our money.

Uh @UrbanDecay has #NakedSmoky coming out?! Take my money!

Just take it.

Dang you @UrbanDecay! Just take my money! #NakedSmoky

Because of limited supply, there's a wait list, which you can sign up for here.

Can I sign up to be on the waiting list now?!? @UrbanDecay #NakedSmoky #smokeyeye #naked #UrbanDecay #newpalette

Welcome to the world, Naked Smoky. We're so glad you're here.