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    17 Reasons You Should Never Wear Makeup

    It boosts confidence and and allows people to express themselves. Sounds awful.

    1. Let's be honest: There is no point to wearing makeup.

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    2. It changes absolutely nothing.

    @torriinn / Via Instagram: @torriinn

    3. Nothing to see here, just a sea of sameness.

    @pochoy_29 / Via Instagram: @pochoy_29

    FYI, this is all the same person.

    4. If you think about it, the only reason to wear makeup is to impress men*.

    @sheronhaaa / Via

    *Straight, cis men.

    5. By "impress," I mean "lie to" men.

    @makeupbytaylaa / Via

    6. And we shouldn't give men any more trust issues than they already have.

    @rickykitten / Via

    7. They're confused enough as it is.

    @vornietom / Via Twitter: @vornietom

    8. While we're at it, men shouldn't be wearing makeup either.

    @bretmanrock / Via

    9. Because why would they?

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    10. Makeup makes anyone who wears it feel like shit.

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    11. TBH, it looks like a straight up garbage pile on your face.

    @clareisrad / Via Twitter: @clareisrad

    12. See? Eyeshadow isn't doing anyone any favors.

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    13. Just take it off.

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    14. Red lipstick is horrible on literally everyone.

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    15. Don't even get me started on the disaster that is contouring.

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    16. Or the poor choice to wear liquid eyeliner.

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    17. So the next time you're thinking about wearing makeup, just remember that you look better without it!*

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    *You can wear whatever the fuck you want and be proud.