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    17 Reasons You Should Never Wear Makeup

    It boosts confidence and and allows people to express themselves. Sounds awful.

    1. Let's be honest: There is no point to wearing makeup.

    2. It changes absolutely nothing.

    3. Nothing to see here, just a sea of sameness.

    4. If you think about it, the only reason to wear makeup is to impress men*.

    5. By "impress," I mean "lie to" men.

    6. And we shouldn't give men any more trust issues than they already have.

    7. They're confused enough as it is.

    8. While we're at it, men shouldn't be wearing makeup either.

    9. Because why would they?

    10. Makeup makes anyone who wears it feel like shit.

    11. TBH, it looks like a straight up garbage pile on your face.

    12. See? Eyeshadow isn't doing anyone any favors.

    13. Just take it off.

    14. Red lipstick is horrible on literally everyone.

    15. Don't even get me started on the disaster that is contouring.

    16. Or the poor choice to wear liquid eyeliner.

    17. So the next time you're thinking about wearing makeup, just remember that you look better without it!*

    *You can wear whatever the fuck you want and be proud.