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Sunset Hair Has Arrived And It's Drop-Dead Beautiful

*Buys Manic Panic in mass quantities.*

World, meet sunset hair.

@nealmhair / Via

Take a minute to bask in the beauty.

@sloulakis / Via

Because DAMNNNNNN this is beautiful.

@sh34rbrilliance_alaina / Via

People are painting the colors of the sunset into their hair.

And the results are so pretty it hurts.

@beetheoptimist / Via

Some people keep it relatively subtle...

@njoseph400 / Via

...while others just go all in with hair dye.

@charityhfipps / Via

It looks mesmerizing on short hair.

@the_unmaker / Via

And long sunset hair will make you feel things.

@meganmariedoeshair / Via

However you do sunset hair, wear it well.

@beetheoptimist / Via

Because fair warning, people WILL ask to take a picture of your hair.

@color_ahead / Via

Now go paint with all the colors of the wind.


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