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    Hair Salons Are Now Offering "Quiet Chairs" For People Who Hate Talking

    It's about damn time.

    For 98%* of people, the crippling anxiety of a haircut feels like this:

    Because even if you LOVE your haircut, the process is awkward AF.

    Enter the QUIET CHAIR, offered by the Bauhaus salon in the U.K. and hopefully a soon-to-be trend on in every single continent on Earth.

    Apparently, hairstylists finally got the hint that hour-long small talk with someone you see four times a year is the MOST AWKWARD SHIT ON THE PLANET.

    Know where else we need the quiet chair? High school reunions.

    Also holiday dinners with Judgmental Uncle Jerry.

    And the Friday after your office holiday party when you're too hungover to even pretend to be doing work.

    In conclusion:

    And thank you, hair salon. You've done the lord's work.