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    Lip Smackers Is Gone And The World Is Probably Ending

    Lip Smackers — and your childhood — may be dead.

    Markwins International has acquired Bonne Bell and Lip Smacker. It is not yet clear what will be done with the brand.

    This weekend, Markwins International announced that it will acquire Bonne Bell and Lip Smackers.

    WKYC reported that Bonne Bell's distribution facility in Westlake, Ohio will be closing. However, Bonne Bell's distribution affiliate, Aspire Brands, will continue to distribute Lip Smackers in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    We could be kissing these goodbye.

    We may never again taste the sweet waxiness of the Smackers.

    Cookies 'n Cream could be nothing but a faint, distant memory soon.

    Stock up on Dr. Pepper while you can.

    And use your stash sparingly.

    Because the pain is real.

    For people everywhere, Lip Smackers were the gateway to makeup.

    RIP #bonnebell Lip Smackers were my very first beauty routine. Dr. Pepper 4ever

    They are the genetic makeup of our being.

    @Clevecarole @KimWendel there r parts of our past! That make us who we are! BonneBell is 1of them!

    Will we be able to go on without Lip Smackers?

    #BonneBell is shutting down. What will we do without our #LipSmackers ????

    Lips may never be the same.

    #BonneBell is closing...the queen and king's of lipbalm 💋💋💋 My lips will never feel the same again.

    We could be entering into a mourning period for quite some time.

    My childhood is mourning the loss of Bonnie Bell #LipSmackers!

    Gold help the future generations.

    So #lipsmackers are no more?! God help the future generations! #watermelonwasmyfave

    Here's hoping the best for Lip Smackers.

    Which Lip Smackers flavor will you miss most of all? Tell us below. *Group Therapy Session*