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Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Swears By This "Sandbagging" Trick

Just add powder.

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It does exactly what real sandbags do: Forms a barrier around an area to protect it from flooding, etc.

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That way, your eyeshadow, liner, and mascara won't smudge or crease, and your lipstick will stay in place.


Basically, you strategically place a ton of loose powder under your eyes and around your lips to form a makeup MOAT.

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It's particularly good for oil-based products like kohl eyeliner and creamy lipsticks.

Apply foundation and concealer as you normally would. Then, dab the straight edge of a makeup sponge into loose powder and apply it directly under your waterline, really caking it on.

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You'll do the same technique around your mouth, applying the powder to the bottom edges of your lips. Watch Wayne Goss's full tutorial video here.

Apply enough so that you can visibly see a wall of powder on your face. Then leave it there as you apply the rest of your makeup.

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While you do your makeup, the powder will absorb the oils in your skin and form a barrier that oils and creams won't be able to pass.