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    Ruby Rose Is Releasing Makeup With Urban Decay And It's Sexy AF

    The people responsible for the Naked palette are collaborating with the world's most attractive human being.

    You may be familiar with Ruby Rose, aka the most downright attractive human being on the goddamn planet.

    Once the mode turned actress and DJ showed up on Orange Is the New Black, people lost their shit and Rose's star began to rise.

    *gratuitous picture of R.R. break*

    Today, our internet girlfriend announced her next project: She's collaborating on makeup with Urban Decay cosmetics.

    Yes, the brand responsible for the Naked palettes, the sexiest makeup alive, is partnering with Ruby Rose, the sexiest human being alive.

    To recap: This stunning AF human being... working with the people who brought these gifts from the Lord Herself into our makeup bags.

    You know what this means, fam. Smoky eyes are going to somehow get even better.