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PSA: Please Do Not Attempt To Cook With Shower Gel

Or any other beauty products, for that matter.

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Reddit user petermal67 posted this picture with the caption, "My friends food kept tasting funny. She bought new saucepans and was about to buy a new dishwasher....then I saw what she was cooking with."

If you look closely at the label, you can clearly see that this bottle is marked as shower gel.


Hopefully this is the last time someone uses shower gel as a cooking oil, but just in case, here are some other products you should NOT be cooking with:


While we're on the subject, please do not eat this candle that smells like french fries.

Stinky Candle Co. / Via

The scent may bring you back to the good old days of hitting up McDonald's after algebra class, but please, don't eat this.


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