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    There Is A Pizza ATM At This College And OMG It Looks Incredible

    Dreams really do come true.

    Fam, for the first time in USA history, we have a pizza ATM on our continent.

    @XUAdmissions / Via Twitter: @XUAdmissions

    This tall drink of water belongs to the dining hall at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH.

    According to, each 12-inch pizza only costs $9 which is ABSURDLY REASONABLE because LOOK AT THAT CHEESE BRIDGE.

    @pizzaatm / Via Instagram: @pizzaatm

    While pizza ATMs have been around in Europe for about 14 years, the Ohio university is responsible for bringing the first pizza ATM to the USA.

    @pizzaatm / Via Instagram: @pizzaatm

    Basically, you hit a couple of buttons and then Bleep-bloop-blop you get a hot 12-inch miracle in three minutes.

    @pizzaatm / Via Instagram: @pizzaatm

    You can get pepperoni, veggie, or cheese pizza, but the options could change depending on what's most popular. The machine can store a maximum of 70 pizzas inside.

    The pie is allegedly "second to no other pizza," Xavier Assistant Vice President Jude Kiah told

    @pizzaatm / Via

    Hard to believe, but ATM pizza is still better than no pizza so whatev.

    And because dreams really do come true, the pizza ATM is open 24/7.

    Godspeed to the Admissions office at Xavier. May you find sanity during this blessed time.

    @notsopunnybunny / Via

    P.S. if you want a pizza ATM at your college — or anywhere, really — you can hit up Paline — Pizza ATM™.

    Paline / Via

    Full disclosure, though: The machine costs $55,000. Good luck!

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Xavier University and Paline for comment.