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People Are Shaving Slits Into Their Eyebrows Again And It Looks Incredible

What goes around comes around.

This is Chloe Nørgaard, a model who has ever-changing, beautifully colored hair. She now also has eyebrow slits.

As does this lovely lady, who looks fucking gorgeous.

Eyebrow slits, also called "cuts," basically come about from shaving tiny lines into your brows. They've been blowing up on Instagram with the hashtag #EyebrowSlits.

Slits have been around on the hip-hop scene for decades.

And lately, the trend has been coming back.

They're usually on just one eyebrow.

Some people choose to go for just one slit...

...while others go for three.

And then there are the badasses who slit one eyebrow and pierce the other.

They're just as popular on men as they are on women.


And they look sexy AF.

I'm like, hey, what's up, hello.

Eyebrow slits are so badass that even Belle is wearing them.

In summation: Damn.