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    Here's How To Use The New Naked Palette If You Suck At Eyeshadow

    Get ready to take a lot of lit selfies.

    You may be familiar with the magical unicorn product, the Naked palette. The newest version, however, is the Naked Smoky, which will make you feeeeeeeel things.

    But because smoky eyes can sometimes go horribly wrong if you don't know what the hell you're doing...

    We worked with the makeup artists at Urban Decay to learn three easy, gorgeous AF looks with the palette.

    Watch this video to see all of the looks, then learn how to do 'em at home with the tutorials below!

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    First up, the smoky cat-eye look.

    These are the shades you'll be using for this look:

    Start by dipping into the color High with the pointed end of your brush to apply to the inner corner of the eye.

    Then, using the larger end of the brush, apply the shade Dirtysweet at the edge of High and blend toward the center of your lid.

    Using the same brush (cleaned), use the shade Radar in the center of your lid and blend toward the outer part of your lid.

    With a fluffy shadow brush, apply the shade Whiskey to the outer corner, blending it with Radar.

    On the bottom lash line, use the eye pencil shade Whiskey (or a light brown shade).

    With an angled brush, use a black or gel cream eyeliner to line the lashes and create a cat eye flick at the outer corner.

    Finish it off with mascara...

    ...add red lipstick (if your heart desires) and you're all set!

    Next up, the everyday smoky eye!

    For this look, you'll be dipping into these shades:

    With the smaller end of the shadow brush, apply the shade Armor to the inner corner of the eye.

    Then, with the thicker end of the brush, sweep the same color up and over, covering about ⅓ of the lid.

    With the same brush, use the shades Black Market and Dagger on the outer corner of your lid.

    Then use Dagger along the bottom lash line.

    Line the top and bottom lashes with a black eye pencil.

    Finish it off with mascara...

    ...throw on some pink lipstick and you're ready to go!

    Or, if you're feeling ~adventurous,~ try this purple smoky eye.

    This smoky eye is going to get real dark and real lit with these shadows:

    Dip your wider brush into the shade Whiskey and sweep it over the lid from the crease to the brow bone.

    Using a black eye pencil, thickly line the top lash line.

    Then, take a flat shadow brush and smudge the liner to give it that smoky vibe.

    Using the shade Smolder, apply the shadow across the eyelid along the eye socket. Blend it up and out.

    Apply the shade Password to the outer corner and blend into the crease.

    Using the smaller shadow brush, apply Password along the bottom lash line.

    Finish with mascara and BOOM!

    You know what looks great with a purple smoky eye? A nude lip.

    Now go forth and conquer the world, you smokeshow.