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    Life In The Mirror Vs. Life On The Camera Roll

    This is terrifying.

    No one is safe.

    Not even your cat.

    @sav_mayo_hence / Via Twitter: @sav_mayo_hance

    Look at what it did to Chewie.

    @poefinn / Via Twitter: @poefinn

    Poor Beyonce.

    @beyonseh / Via Twitter: @beyonseh

    Praying 4 you, Chris Evans.

    @CevansReacts / Via Twitter: @CEvansReacts

    This is hard to watch.

    @2uisu / Via Twitter: @2uisu

    Is it too late now to say "no photos, please"?

    @johnmurfe / Via Twitter: @JohnMurfe

    I'm sorry, Zayn.

    @allmyloveremix / Via Twitter: @allmyloveremix

    I'm also sorry, Frankie.

    Arnold, what happened, buddy?

    @stillDRB / Via Twitter: @stillDRB

    Shit. They got to Ariel.

    @wormkink / Via Twitter: @wormkink

    Ohhhhhhhh screw you, Kendall Jenner, you magical unicorn, for looking exactly the same in the mirror and the camera.

    Enjoy taking pictures of yourself and loving every option. That must be nice.