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17 Photos That Will Deeply Resonate With People Who Can't Adult

Stay in school as long as you can.

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1. Being an adult means following your own set of rules.

2. It means living your best life.

@katiecassedy / Via Twitter: @katiecassedy

3. You're capable of feeding yourself and you're doing a damn good job of it.

4. There's no such thing as "overdoing it."

@baecisco / Via Twitter: @baeciso

5. And keeping your active lifestyle will keep you young forever.

@kristykelsch / Via Twitter: @kristykelsch

6. Now that you're an adult, "Calm" is your middle name.

@sreepti_sinha / Via

7. You're so responsible it hurts.

@cauhmille / Via

8. Absolutely nothing ruffles your feathers.

@esmeraldamarket / Via Twitter: @EsmeraldaMarket

9. And you never find yourself in the ridiculous predicaments from your youth.

@cruz_eliezer14 / Via Twitter: @Cruz_Eliezer14

10. You're starting to realize your priorities.

@Jennaaraynorr / Via Twitter: @jennaaraynorr

11. And get a hold of your emotions.

@_madilynnn__ / Via Twitter: @_madilynnn__

12. You're even making sleep a necessity!

@chikypedia / Via Twitter: @chikyPedia

13. Because you understand the importance of the full eight hours.

@ifsongscouldkillthisonesforu / Via

14. Your social life? Booming.

@fluffymcgriddlez49 / Via

15. Your responsibilities? Handled.

@goddammitcas / Via

16. In general, you've really figured out this whole ~grown-up life~ thing.

@ifsongscouldkillthisonesforu / Via

17. And you're really nailing it.

@shoelessshuler / Via Twitter: @shoelessShuler

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