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    21 Photos That Will Make You Say "Me As A Teacher"

    *Rings fake bell 20 minutes early.* Class is dismissed.

    1. This vindictive son of a gun:

    @tumblredits / Via Twitter: @TumblrEdits

    2. This OG:

    @trista_house / Via

    3. This fine educator who specializes in the real history lessons:

    @j3ss1ca_colfer / Via Twitter: @J3ss1ca_Colfer

    4. This man who understands the importance of documentation:

    @Terrancew88 / Via Twitter: @Terrancew88

    5. This solo Netflix and Chill master:

    @maceyyspamm / Via

    6. This complete genius:

    @rudecomedian / Via Twitter: @RudeComedian

    7. This realist:

    @baebussy / Via Twitter: @Baebussy

    8. This tech-savvy pioneer:

    @ahhtommyy / Via Twitter: @AhhTommyy

    9. This man who hasn't quite mastered the art of being lazy:

    @bellamyspoem / Via Twitter: @BellamysPoem

    10. This chemist:

    @trista_house / Via

    11. This emotional soul:

    @14lgreer / Via Twitter: @13lgreer

    12. This 1D evangelist:

    @encorezayn / Via Twitter: @encorezayn

    13. This karaoke master:

    @antxnyr / Via Twitter: @antxnyr

    14. This man who gives zero fucks:

    @mrsgravityfalls / Via

    15. This Drake fan:

    @joshtheotaku / Via

    16. This mad scientist:

    @_____relatableteenager_____ / Via

    17. This animal lover:

    @derek_and_the_dominos / Via

    18. This dude who really has a handle on the art of coasting:

    @mikelengel / Via Twitter: @MikeLengel

    19. This flexible soul:

    @comedytextings / Via Twitter: @ComedyTextings

    20. This take-no-shit teacher:

    @curvygirlanon / Via Twitter: @CurvyGirlAnon

    21. And this grade-A human being who is laying down the real education:

    @joey_mitchell13 / Via Twitter: @Joey_Mitchell13

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