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    This Company Ships Potato Love Notes To Your Friends For $8

    Mystery Potatoes are the new Conversation Hearts.

    To a normal human being, this is just a big ol' sack of potatoes.

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    But to the weirdo geniuses over at, these spuds are the key to good relationships: Secret love notes.

    @mymysterypotato / Via

    For $7.99, this company will ship a potato with a customized message to someone you love.

    Larger potatoes (and thus, longer messages) cost $9.99.

    You can choose to use this power for evil, shipping messages to people you hate, but don't be a garbage person.

    You can send sweet, loving notes.

    @mymysterypotato / Via

    ...or ~spice things up~ with a spud.

    @mymysterypotato / Via

    Some people have chosen to use the potatoes in lieu of a gender reveal cake.

    @mymysterypotato / Via Instagram: @mymysterypotato

    While others have gone straight up motivational.

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    Here's the only catch: The potato sender is LITERALLY a mystery until you post your tater on social media.

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    At that point, the sender can reveal themselves. Or not. Tots up to them. (Sorry.)

    But when you think about it, who wouldn't love getting a silly potato in the mail?

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    We could all use a spud around the house.

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