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    23 Times Makeup Was Not On Your Side

    Don't cry, you'll ruin your mascara.

    1. The time your day was instantly ruined.

    2. The time your eyebrows just could not get it together.

    3. The time you ruined all your hard work for an itch.

    4. The awful moment when your eyeliner bounces off of your counter and into the toilet.

    5. The time false eyelashes were the devil.

    6. The time you used makeup remover and took a shower and that still wasn't enough.

    7. Every time you forget to take off your makeup before you go to the gym.

    8. Every time you try to even out the liner.

    9. The time someone incorrectly labeled the steps as "simple."

    10. The time you were falsely lead to believe you could draw a straight line.

    11. The time your whole life was a lie.

    12. The time the world was a cold, cruel place.

    13. Every time you turned into a panda.

    14. The time you forgot the only essential you really needed.

    15. All those times you got your hopes up.

    16. Every time Pinterest made it look so easy and fun.

    17. Any time people aren't kind enough to let you know.

    18. The time you tried fiber mascara and ended up looking like a mess.

    19. The time it was just too damn hot out.

    20. When you come so close to victory and then fail.

    21. Every time this little menace appears.

    22. The time you hit raccoon status.

    23. And of course, every windy day.