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    Here's How To Actually Clean And Dry Your Makeup Brushes In Seconds

    Think of all the time you'll save.

    Cleaning makeup brushes is a special kind of hell.

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    Some of them take more than 24 hours to dry and it's like ?????? How am I supposed to beat my face while I'm waiting on these little fibers to dry?????

    By the time you're done you could've taken a damn cross country road trip with all the time you spent getting the grime off those bristles.

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    But it's a necessary evil. You know your brushes have some grimy bacteria on them and you know you need to clean them.

    But you guys, this new tool just CHANGED THE DAMN GAME. It's called the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier.

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    It's this little tool on the left that spins, and it comes with eight different silicone tube things for each width of brush you could use.

    And it is effective AF.

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    Here's what you do. Fill this bowl thing with a makeup brush cleanser.

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    You can also just use warm water and soap. Totes up to you.

    Put the handle of your dirty brush into the silicone holder that fits its width.

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    Dip the brush into the bowl and turn on the spinning device. Your brush will start swirling around and freaking TF out as all of the gross makeup comes out.

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    Then, you lift the brush above water level and let it continue spinning to AIR DRY.

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    And it is dry in seconds. BOOM.

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    See? It works.

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    Damnnnnnn that's a clean brush.

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    You can get the whole cleaning kit on

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    The kit, which costs $56.45, comes with the StylPro device, the attachment spindle, a glass cleaning bowl and bowl stand, eight different silicone collars, and batteries.

    They're sold in the U.K. but they do ship internationally to the U.S.!

    Happy brush cleaning!

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