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Here's How To Actually Clean And Dry Your Makeup Brushes In Seconds

Think of all the time you'll save.

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Cleaning makeup brushes is a special kind of hell.

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Some of them take more than 24 hours to dry and it's like ?????? How am I supposed to beat my face while I'm waiting on these little fibers to dry?????

By the time you're done you could've taken a damn cross country road trip with all the time you spent getting the grime off those bristles.

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But it's a necessary evil. You know your brushes have some grimy bacteria on them and you know you need to clean them.


You can get the whole cleaning kit on

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The kit, which costs $56.45, comes with the StylPro device, the attachment spindle, a glass cleaning bowl and bowl stand, eight different silicone collars, and batteries.

They're sold in the U.K. but they do ship internationally to the U.S.!