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Lush's Halloween Bath Bombs Are So Good I'm Screaming

*vows to only take baths until October 31*

Lush, maker of those bomb-ass bath bombs, has launched a Halloween line of products and Imma die of happiness.

@lushsunderland / Via

It's bath bombs, melts, bubble bars, and more fall faves. They launch a collection every year for Halloween, but this one is SO damn good.

Monsters' Ball bath bombs are the cutest cyclops-themed things I've ever seen.

@lushchlemsford / Via

You can get them for $7.25 each here.

Boo Bath Melts, AKA these cute lil' ghosts, melt in your water for a warm ginger scent.

@lushwhitecity / Via

They cost $5.95 each here.

The Jack-o-lantern bath bombs smell like sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon. YUM.

@lushstalbans / Via

You can get them for $6.95 each here.

Inside the Little Monster is a bath bomb and a bath melt, which you can use separately or together.

http://@lush.crawley / Via

You can get them each for $16.95 here.

The Goth Fairy shimmer bar lets you put buttery smooth shimmer anywhere on your body.

@lushbraehead / Via

You can get them here for $7.95 each.

The Autumn Leaf bath bomb is more ~pastel goth~ and smells like bergamot and sandalwood.

@lushsolihull / Via

You can get them for $6.95 each here.

RIP my bank account.

@lushstratfordcity / Via

You can find the rest of the collection at!

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