We Hung Out Behind The Scenes With A Ton Of Male Models And You Should Be Jealous

    Pro tip: Bring a hand fan for yourself.

    1. When you're backstage at a fashion show with 30 male models, there's bound to be some ~skin~ shown.

    2. By "some" skin, I mean "a lot" of skin.

    3. Model life is all no pants, no problem, ya know?

    4. You quickly realize that the rare breed of men who are models have better, more luminous skin than you could ever dream of.

    5. Their hair is thanks to sorcerous stylists who work tirelessly to make sure the coifs are on POINT.

    6. But it's not all about beauty. These are men with minds.

    7. Men with smiles that could melt the ice caps.

    8. And men with witty t-shirts. Not to mention jawlines that could break concrete.

    9. You know who else is backstage? Jesse Tyler Ferguson acting like he's just a normal dude.

    10. OK, back to the models. When it's almost time for the show to start they have to get dressed...

    11. ...and somehow they're even more attractive completely covered in clothes????

    12. They've got any number of these insanely large cameras in their faces at any given moment.

    13. And on the runway, they're staring down an entire fucking swarm of photographers.

    14. Not to mention every last person in the audience pointing an iPhone at the runway.

    15. As if that weren't enough pressure, the front row is stacked with the celebs. I C U, Neil Patrick Harris.

    They're all very into the fashunz.

    16. The entire show happens in less than five minutes.

    17. And once everyone puts the show on their SnapChat, the entire audience just hauls ass out of the show to go home like it never happened.

    18. In sum: Fashion is a weird, beautiful place.

    19. Oh, and here's just a gratuitous picture of NPH because DAAMMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN.

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