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We Hung Out Behind The Scenes With A Ton Of Male Models And You Should Be Jealous

Pro tip: Bring a hand fan for yourself.

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4. You quickly realize that the rare breed of men who are models have better, more luminous skin than you could ever dream of.

5. Their hair is thanks to sorcerous stylists who work tirelessly to make sure the coifs are on POINT.

Taylor Miller / Via BuzzFeed

They give them the best blow dry of their lives and then style their hair with Axe products. Because models are just like us Normals.*



15. As if that weren't enough pressure, the front row is stacked with the celebs. I C U, Neil Patrick Harris.

Taylor Miller / Via BuzzFeed

And Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And David Burtka. And Justin Mikita. And Colton Haynes. What lottery do you have to win to sit next to them?