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Kim Kardashian Did Her Own Makeup For A Video And It's Actually Stunning

And possibly hints at her own makeup line.

Mrs. Kim Kardashian West, queen of smoky eye makeup and nude lip gloss, just blessed YouTube and her app users with a video of her doing her own makeup — and sharing all of the details.

@kimkardashian / Via

Filmed in the bathroom of her hotel room in Toronto, Canada, where she's on tour with Kanye, Kim goes through her entire routine. It's legit, guys.

View this video on YouTube

You can watch the full video on her app.

She starts by using the Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes with "night calming" something or other, even though technically she does her makeup in the morning.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, Neutrogena

You can get them here for $11.20.

Then she uses La Mer Perfecting Treatment as moisturizer over her whole face, which really explains a lot when you think about it.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, La Mer

It costs a cool $264. You can get it here if you're made of money.

The first piece of makeup she uses is Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, which she brushes over her skin for that ~shimmering glow~.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, Giorgio Armani

This one costs $116. Mere pennies.

Kim's foundation is Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, which she applies with a brush over her lips, down her neck, and even on the back of her neck.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, Giorgio Armani

Get it here for $64 if you're in the mood to skip dinner this week.

Like a true beauty blogger, Mrs. West uses a Beautyblender to blend her makeup.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, Beautyblender

This little guy is cheap for KKW. Get it here for $20.

She then mixes two colors from Lorac's Superstar eyeshadow trio (which is no longer available) and applies to her lids.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, LORAC

She contours with a big fluffy brush and says, "You always gotta go in the hairline a little bit."

Kim Kardashian West / Via

Also, she keeps a yellow powder under her eyes to bake while she's doing the rest of her makeup. She wipes it off when she's done with her routine.

Kim Kardashian West / Via

To fill in her brows, Kim uses Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil, the same thing most beauty bloggers use, so you know it's legit.

Kim Kardashian West / Via, Anastasia Beverly Hills

You can get it here for $27.73.

She goes on to explain that she would put highlighter under her eyes, and then says, "I'm not even gonna tell you guys, because I have some exciting things coming out." Do I smell a new makeup line from Kim???

Kim Kardashian West / Via

Next Kim uses Kevyn Aucoin Volume mascara, and like the rest of us she uses a Q-tip to clean up stray marks on her eyelids.

Kim Kardashian West / Via

You can get the mascara she uses here for $21.26.

Next she puts contouring powder in the crease of her eyelids, which is basically just eyeshadow but, you know, Kim style.

Kim Kardashian West / Via

Last she does lips. She lines with Candy K (from Kylie's Lip Kit), then uses the Candy K liquid lipstick.

Kim Kardashian West / Via

You can get the lip liner and lipstick here for $29.

At this moment in the video Kanye walks in (off camera) and Kim turns and asks, "Babe, do you like my makeup? I did it all by myself." To which he replies, "It looks so pretty! I love it!" GOALS.

Kim Kardashian West / Via

And here's the final look!

Kim Kardashian West / Via
Kim Kardashian West / Via

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