Kids Dressing Themselves For The First Time Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

    Because a good pair of shorts is the best kind of hat.

    Kids are great. But kids trying to dress themselves for the first time is downright hilarious.

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    The people over at WatchCut just released a new video, "Kids Try to Dress Themselves for the First Time," and it's impossible to not smile while you're watching.

    This little cutie was all set for a rainstorm.

    And this adorable munchkin learned how hard armholes are.

    But then again, so are head holes.

    Bathing suits make great daywear.

    And what better to wear on your head than a pair of shorts?

    When you've got a hat this cool, there's no sense in taking it off.

    This little nugget is fly as heck.

    Someone found the astronaut helmet!

    But this little superhero-in-training takes the cake.

    Watch the entire video below:

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