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    7 Ridiculously Easy Makeup Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

    Put in very little effort to look very put together.

    1. Cheat an eyeshadow crease by using the "dash and blend" trick.

    Bonus trick: You can do the same thing with liquid liner and a cat eye.

    2. Make a DIY ~summer~ tinted moisturizer by mixing in 2-3 drops of foundation to your moisturizer with SPF.

    3. Learn about brush volume, aka how vigorously or gently an eyeshadow brush will blend a pigment, by practicing your brush skills on a flat surface before you apply makeup onto your eyes.

    4. Start drawing your under-eye concealer in a triangle instead of a crescent moon.

    5. Get rid of eyeshadow fallout without messing up your makeup by using concealer and a Q-tip.

    6. Use this face map to determine exactly where to apply bronzer, highlighter, and blush.

    7. Try using a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup from smudging, melting, or smearing all day long.