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17 Reasons All Women Should Have Long Hair

"Women are supposed to have long hair," said the most heteronormative jerk ever.

1. "Women are supposed to have long hair."

@princessstiefel / Via

Long-haired dachshunds are supposed to have long hair. Women can have whatever the fuck they want.

2. "Short hair isn't flattering."

@iam_alexiadlc / Via

You tell that to this woman whose pixie is GIVING ME LIFE.

3. "Men prefer long hair."

@chica_pixie / Via

Tell me why this matters.

4. "It's impossible to look feminine with a buzzcut."

@aliswilkins / Via

I see lies.

5. "Pixie cuts are so boring."

@agniprasadaburning / Via

Kindly see yourself out.

6. "You can't be ~sexy~ with short hair."

@miss_bloomingdales / Via

Because a woman's sexual appeal is determined by the length of the dead skin on top of her head.

7. "Don't you ever worry someone will mistake you for a man?"

@de_voshka / Via

So what if they do, tho?

8. "You're just cutting your hair because you're having an existential crisis."

@tresswerkproducts / Via

Sit the hell down.

9. "You looked so much better with long hair."

@hocicuzu / Via

You looked so much better before you started spewing the hate.

10. "Sorry, I only date women with long hair."

@tweakboutique / Via

And I only date people who aren't assholes.

11. "Women with long hair are automatically more attractive."

@sandrawebb / Via

You know what else is unattractive? Being painfully heteronormative.

12. "But you can't DO anything with short hair."

@jasminelamb_ / Via

Looking fly as hell IS ~doing~ something.

13. "Short hair is meant for men."

@yo_its_chlo / Via

Simply put, you're wrong.

14. "Aren't you worried about not being able to cover up your face?"

@mezmereyezbytonoi / Via

Not even a little bit.

15. "But what will you do when you get married?"

16. Ladies, please, stop getting your hair cut.

@oliviagrace_mua / Via

17. Let it grow long,* because that's what society wants and that's what straight, heteronormative men want, too. And that's a great meter against which to measure your choices.

@androgynous_8 / Via

*Cut your hair to any length you're happy with. You have to live with your hair. Do what you love, you beautiful unicorn.