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17 Reasons All Women Should Have Long Hair

"Women are supposed to have long hair," said the most heteronormative jerk ever.

1. "Women are supposed to have long hair."

2. "Short hair isn't flattering."

3. "Men prefer long hair."

4. "It's impossible to look feminine with a buzzcut."

5. "Pixie cuts are so boring."

6. "You can't be ~sexy~ with short hair."

7. "Don't you ever worry someone will mistake you for a man?"

8. "You're just cutting your hair because you're having an existential crisis."

9. "You looked so much better with long hair."

10. "Sorry, I only date women with long hair."

11. "Women with long hair are automatically more attractive."

12. "But you can't DO anything with short hair."

13. "Short hair is meant for men."

14. "Aren't you worried about not being able to cover up your face?"

15. "But what will you do when you get married?"

16. Ladies, please, stop getting your hair cut.

17. Let it grow long,* because that's what society wants and that's what straight, heteronormative men want, too. And that's a great meter against which to measure your choices.

*Cut your hair to any length you're happy with. You have to live with your hair. Do what you love, you beautiful unicorn.