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    13 Confessions About Big Butts That Will Surprise You

    "Sometimes I consider getting a selfie stick just to take better pictures of my butt." All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

    1. "I think I love my butt more than I've ever loved a person."

    2. "I think I'm obsessed with my butt, I use every excuse to rub it. It's just so smooth."

    3. "I use an effect to make my butt look bigger in pictures with my friends."

    4. "Sometimes I feel like people are only my friends because of my butt or people like me because of my butt."

    5. "Sometimes if I want to feel good about myself I turn sideways in the mirror and look at the curve of my butt when I'm wearing skinnies or leggings."

    6. "I just made a slo-mo video of my butt while twerking."

    7. "Sometimes I consider getting a selfie stick just so I can take better pictures of my butt."

    8. "If I put in all the effort required to take a good picture of my butt, you better say more than 'nice.' No, dude, I want at least a full sentence!"

    9. "Sometimes I take pictures of my butt just so I can stare at them."

    10. "I love when people say they're jealous of my butt. It's like, that's right, you should be!"

    11. "I love going out knowing people are looking at my butt. I feel so powerful."

    12. "I like to make my butt jiggle. I have a big butt so it keeps me entertained!"

    13. "I wish guys could wear leggings. I would wear them all the time just to show off my big butt."