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    Here's An Easy Hack To Get Drunk Without Messing Up Your Lipstick

    Bottoms up!

    There are two things sacred things in this world: Wearing lipstick and drinking alcohol.

    Combining these can be a problem, as lipstick can get sloppy AF when you're drinking because of that lil' lip ring on the rim.

    The solution is extremely easy, but full disclosure, might look awkward AF in public.

    Here's what you do: Before taking a sip from your glass, lick the rim of the glass.

    The lubrication from your saliva will keep your lipstick from transferring onto the glass.

    So your lipstick stays perfect and your cup doesn't get marked up.

    Watch the hack ~in action~ here:

    Facebook: video.php

    Bottoms up, fam!