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    Lush's Factory Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing You'll See Today

    It's like Willy Wonka's for people who really love soap.

    Friends, if you need to Chill The Fuck Out, watch this video about the mesmerizing moments at the LUSH factory, aka the place where dreams and bath bombs are made.

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    Even if you don't like Lush (you're a monster if you don't but whatever!) the process of how soaps and lotions and cosmetics are made is zen AF.

    What? You watched that and want to go down a black hole of watching Lush products be made? Me too.

    You're probs familiar with the Intergalactic Bath Bomb, which makes this beautiful galaxy artwork in your tub...

    But the beauty really begins when this big ol' machine mixes tons of gold glitter with blue soap.

    Outback Mate is the prettiest soap to ever exist.

    Look at the way they mix the dyes for the swirls oh my gahhhhhhhhhhh.

    The Brightside Bubble Bar is freaking perfect for bubble baths.

    But look at how it's smooshed and rolled together and cut to ~grownup art project~ perfection.

    Unicorn Horns make baths feel a lil' more magical.

    They get rolled into these perfect horns and then glitter-fied and the process has put me in a trance.

    Avocado Co-Wash makes your hair smooth AF.

    But did you think that liquified avocados would be so satisfying to watch? Because I wasn't sure until now, either.

    You know about the Strawberry Bombshell lip tint?

    Please enjoy how the tint is shot into the containers because wow, this is satisfying.

    For more moments of zen, check out Lush's How It's Made series.