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This Woman Found H&M's Balmain Collection On Google And Leaked Them

A woman found the images through a fluke Google search and leaked them on Instagram. UPDATE: Some of the photos have been taken down since this post was originally published.

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Swartz Rees told BuzzFeed Life, "While searching for editorial images of the collection (being a month out, the timing was right) I came across a Google search result from H&M's domain with an abnormal page title."


Rees added, "Custom search parameters are incredibly useful. I clicked though and it was the full working promotional experience for the collection. I found the working page just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, and began uploading the photos to Instagram shortly after."

A representative from H&M told BuzzFeed Life, "Images from our Balmain x H&M collaboration have surfaced. We are pleasantly surprised by our fans positive reaction to the collection."


The representative added, "We look forward to share more from the #HMBalmaination in the coming weeks.”


Since this story was originally published, Kathryn Swartz Rees's account has been disabled by Instagram.

Another Instagram account, @Balmainxhm, has posted a majority of the photos to its page.

Here are 47 leaked photos from the collection: