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    Here's What Urban Decay's New Makeup Actually Looks Like IRL

    Every piece of makeup is built to last for an entire night...and then some.

    Augusta Falletta / Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed

    Hey dudes! I'm Augusta, a beauty editor here at ye olde BuzzFeed, and this week I nearly shit myself when I got to try Urban Decay's entire Fall 2016 makeup collection.


    This box, which is roughly half the size of my adult-ish body, is filled with an eyeshadow palette, makeup setting spray, liquid liners, and color-correcting concealers. In short: It's way too much makeup to feasibly put on my body at once, but goddamnit, I wanted to try.

    *shrieks on the inside*

    Dorsey Shaw / Via BuzzFeed

    Every piece of makeup was designed to last "all night long." While I wouldn't recommend wearing makeup for that long (your skin will probs rebel), I am lazy AF and like the idea of doing two days' worth of makeup in one pop.

    Kidding! But I do enjoy not having to touch up my face during the day.

    Let's bust this bad boy open, shall we?

    The Moondust Palette has eight new ~intergalactic~ shades of eyeshadow in the formula of the best-selling Moondust eyeshadow.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    Shades I will hit pan on first: Specter (top left), Granite (bottom left) and Lithium (bottom, second from the left). If your aesthetic is "Sparklegoth," this is a v. good palette for your everyday life. Otherwise, I'm down to fuck with this on club night.

    You can get the Moondust Palette here for $49.

    Each shade is essentially dual-colored: a base shadow color and a secondary color for the glitter, which is why it looks so wet and metallic on the skin.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    The best way to intensify the pigment is to use a wet eyeshadow brush to apply the color.

    I will warn you that because of the glitter in these shadows, you should be ready to be covered in sparkles once you use them.

    After the success of Perversion mascara, Urban Decay decided to transform that formula into the Perversion Waterproof Fine Point Eye Pen.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    Normally, I'm very afraid of liquid eyeliner. I hold my breath the entire time I'm drawing it on so that I don't accidentally move and get the annoying black marks that make you say, "Well, I should just call out sick today." I have to say, though, the pen on this liner makes it really, really easy to use and it's got a perfect inky black color payoff.

    You can get it here for $22.

    The pen doesn't drag at all when you're drawing on your eye, and it dries in 10 seconds or so, which is way shorter than the usual amount of time.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    Apparently, U.D. changed the formula for the mechanism so that all of the liquid can actually get to the tip of the pen over time so you don't have that dried, crusty tip after a couple weeks of use. Hopefully that remains true once I've used this for a few weeks!

    After a full day of wearing the eyeliner, it still hasn't creased or moved from my lash line. A+.

    Side note: I also have on Specter Moondust eyeshadow in this photo layered on top of Naked Smoky colors, just in case you were wondering.

    The new All Nighter Liquid Foundation has three times the pigment as U.D.'s other cult favorite foundation, Naked Skin.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    The coverage reminds me of the Dermablend Tattoo Cover Up (remember those videos?) but it's not quite that opaque.

    You can get All Nighter Liquid Foundation here for $40.

    The matte finish foundation comes in 24 shades, and while they could have a few more options for deeper skin tones, the range does a decent job of having color options for a variety of people.

    Dorsey Shaw / Via BuzzFeed

    If you're looking for heavy coverage for scars, uneven skin tone, acne, or other skin issues, this may be a great foundation to try. It's also technically supposed to be waterproof, but I don't know that I'd go as far as to legit swim in this.

    The foundation shades go from 1 to 12; shades ending in ".0" are made for warm undertones and shades ending in ".-5" are for cool undertones.

    This new water-resistant Razor Sharp eyeliner comes in 20 different colors (even though I only tested 11) and two different finishes: cream matte and metallic.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    The cap of the liner has a slashed texture so that your hand can grip it without slipping. The liquid is the perfect consistency: Not runny, not jelly, just right. I did a smudge test after spraying swatches with All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and they didn't move.

    You can get the liner here for $22 each.

    These liners are like the lovechild between U.D.'s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (bright, opaque colors in pencil form) and the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners (liquid, colored glitter in a clear gel base).

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    Some of these colors match really well with the Moondust palette (like Fireball eyeliner and Element eyeshadow), which makes for a good, full look.

    While the five shades of Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid concealers aren't new, they're technically in the fall collection and they're worth mentioning.

    Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed

    The applicator is essentially a lip gloss wand and the formula goes on all creamy-like, which is what you want in a product that's meant to disguise a problem area on your skin.

    You can get each color here for $28.

    Each color corrector has a different purpose (check out the picture below) and they're meant to be used under foundation or a concealer that matches your skin.

    Dorsey Shaw / Via BuzzFeed

    And while they work well on my skin tone and they are technically meant to be used under makeup for any skin tone, I'm skeptical about how well they'd work on skin tones deeper than mine.

    That's a wrap! If you're sitting there drooling over the boss makeup and you want more, you can watch this video:

    Facebook: video.php

    P.S. The entire collection is available at Sephora, Ulta, and now.

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