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Here's The First Transgender Model To Be The Face Of A Cosmetics Company

She's the new face of Make Up For Ever and she's ~*giving face.*~

Back in April, the Make Up For Ever cosmetics company announced that transgender model Andreja Pejic would be the new face of the brand.

Robin Marchant / Via Getty Images

Since the announcement, she has been featured on the cover of Vogue.

Pejic is the first ever trans woman to land a makeup contract.

Jamie Mccarthy / Via Getty Images

And as a trans model that signed a deal to be the face of a beauty brand, Pejic is joining the ranks of Lea T as the face of Redken and Jazz Jennings as the face of Clean & Clear.

Last night, Andreja and Make Up For Ever revealed the first images of the new campaign in New York.

And no shock here: The images are STUNNING.

Make Up For Ever / Via

Brb, drooling.

Guys, they're like, really beautiful.

Make Up For Ever / Via

Must. Wear. Purple. Eyeliner.

Slayyyyy, Andreja, slayyyy!

Make Up For Ever / Via


Here's the full video that announced the campaign.