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17 Beautiful AF Hair Transformations You Can Copy In 2016

*calls salon*

1. 2016 could be the year you get into the galaxy hair color trend.

2. Or, you could stick with a simple lavender that really ~turns heads.~

3. It's a lovely time to switch over from the dark side.

4. And red hair is always a good look.

5. You could be a shorty...

6. ...or go with extensions!

7. This could be the year to let your curly hair live free.

8. A pixie cut feels fresh to death.

9. Highlights can change your whole attitude.

10. If you've been debating bangs, make the chop!

11. Or encourage your natural hair to get down with itself.

12. You can't go wrong with a subtle ombre.

13. It's never a bad idea to donate your length.

14. And you know what looks completely badass? A shaved head.

15. OoOoOo, try pink balayage highlights!

16. Or the silver hair you've wanted for months.

17. Hell, go platinum blonde!

In sum: Do whatever makes you happy.