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17 Beautiful AF Hair Transformations You Can Copy In 2016

*calls salon*

1. 2016 could be the year you get into the galaxy hair color trend.

@shelleygregoryhair / Via

2. Or, you could stick with a simple lavender that really ~turns heads.~

@alisonnho / Via

3. It's a lovely time to switch over from the dark side.

@ninezeroone / Via

4. And red hair is always a good look.

@and_godcreatedwoman / Via

5. You could be a shorty...

@timduenashair / Via

6. ...or go with extensions!

@lacedhairextensions / Via

7. This could be the year to let your curly hair live free.

@cassy_california / Via

8. A pixie cut feels fresh to death.

@saltandlightsalon / Via

9. Highlights can change your whole attitude.

@revolutionego / Via

10. If you've been debating bangs, make the chop!

@mizzchoi / Via

11. Or encourage your natural hair to get down with itself.

@mochacurlie89 / Via

12. You can't go wrong with a subtle ombre.

@luiscanas / Via

13. It's never a bad idea to donate your length.

@ahncotran / Via

14. And you know what looks completely badass? A shaved head.

@jpsocalol / Via

15. OoOoOo, try pink balayage highlights!

@mizzchoi / Via

16. Or the silver hair you've wanted for months.

@cyberphobe / Via

17. Hell, go platinum blonde!

@auracolorist / Via

In sum: Do whatever makes you happy.

Augusta Falletta / Via BuzzFeed