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Women Are Weaving A Ton Of Thread Into Their Hair To Make #HairTapestries

It's the new weave.

Remember 1998 when everyone who went to on vacation to Disney World/Land got a hair wrap?

You'd show up to school on Monday being like, "Yeah bitch, I met Mickey in the flesh, what of it?"

And then three weeks later you went to take it out and you were left with nothing but a clump of your own disembodied hair.

Now, in 2015, people are losing their shit over embroidery floss to weave FULL TAPESTRIES IN TO THEIR HAIR.

Yes, really.

Sometimes they're twee little creations like this.

Other times, the tapestries cover the entire head.

Most are made with embroidery hoops.

But some women are just going off the rails.

We have but one question: What happens when you remove the tapestry?

Because if the Disney hair wraps taught us anything, it's this: Thread wound around your hair means quite a bit of shedding.

Godspeed, weavers.