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    "Friends" Fans, Get Ready To Have Strong Feelings About Nail Art

    Could these nails BE any more spot on?

    The One With Central Perk

    Where memories were made.

    The One With "The Rachel" Haircut

    Or, you know, the most popular haircut of the '90s.

    The One With the Logo

    The happiest screen to flip to on your TV.

    The One With the Duck

    Which, when paired with a chick, makes the best pet team ever.

    The One With All the Clapping

    🎶So no one told you life was gonna be this way... *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP*CLAP*🎶

    The One With the Couch

    The only couch in the world that comfortably fits six.

    The One With Smelly Cat

    What are they feeding you?

    The One With the Peephole Frame

    You know you tried to find a yellow frame to put on your first apartment door.

    The One With Richard's Mustache

    The most wonderful facial hair that ever happened to Friends.

    The One With the Lobster

    Because Friends is a lobster to us all.

    Nail Artist: Miss Pop, @MissPopNails
    Hand Model: Augusta Falletta