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Fanny Packs Are Back And People Are Wearing Them Over Their Boobs

I'm confused, I'm intrigued, I'm...buying more fanny packs?

Fanny packs. They've long been a favorite of parents at Disney World and sports pros alike.

But no one could have seen them becoming a FASHION STATEMENT in 2018.

who could possibly have foreseen the rise in popularity of fanny packs over the last few years tell me WHO?!

TBH they're extremely functional (and good for the back, lol), so it makes sense that fanny packs would come back at some point.

Actually, they're so ~back~ that Prada made this X-TREME fanny and is selling it for $1,500. DANG.

But this time around, fanny packs aren't just hangin' on the hips. Everyone's wearing them across their chests. Like, in the front.

And the around-the-shoulder style is so popular that retailers are even showcasing the fanny packs around the chest — not the hips — as if this were the sole way to wear them.

Men, women, children (children aren't confirmed but I wouldn't be surprised) are all slingin' their packs over their chests.

Listen, fanny packs are great, and if wearing them around your chest makes you happy/is most convenient/is what you want, who the heck am I to stop you?

I just have one question: Is this not uncomfortable for your boobs??

The thought of swinging this over PMS-sore tatas makes me cringe.

Doesn't wearing it around your hips make it just a *little* more comfortable?

Even just doing a little pop over to the side would be cool!

This sums it up:

I really don’t get the shoulder fanny pack trend like how do you comfortably walk around with a bag on your tit?